Learn Japanese - Easter - イースター

Ever wondered how Easter is celebrated in Japan?  As Christianity is not popular in Japan and only about 1 percent of the population are Christians, Japanese Government does not observe Easter. However, it doesn't mean Japanese don't celebrate Easter. They only do it in a different way, a highly commercialized way. The Easter events have become commercial opportunities for Japanese companies to sell their products with Easter theme. What is more, Easter and cherry blossom season happen to fall on similar dates that mark the start of spring.

The following 3 videos will give you a dose of Japan while building your Japanese vocabulary.

1. How To Make Easter Lunch Box (イースター弁当)

2. Easter Egg Origami (イースターエッグ)

3. Cherry Blossom Season in Japan

Easter always coincides with cherry blossom season in Japan. Cherry blossoms bloom across Japan, starting in Kyushu in late March. In this video, Risa is going to tell you all about the viewing season.  (with Japanese and English subtitles)

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